What happens when the POS and PeopleVine connection stops?

We'll share with you some tips and steps for handling the exception when a POS and PeopleVine connection stops.

You may encounter a time where your members data is not syncing properly to PeopleVine.  This typically happens when either the back of the house is not properly working (Aloha Transaction Gateway is down) or the payment intercept option on the terminals was removed.  This tutorial will help you troubleshoot these issues and get back on track.

Orders Aren't Syncing

Orders sync with PeopleVine every 5 minutes, but are instantly synced when you click one of the payment buttons (Verify, Member Card, House Credits).  If we identify a member on the order, we'll start syncing immediately; however, if we don't identify a member, we will only save the transaction when it's closed.

If you're not seeing orders show up after a longer period of time, there may be something wrong on your BoH machine.  In this case, we recommend you contact your IT support to ensure the Aloha Transaction Gateway (ATG) is running as well as the iber.exe file.  Follow these steps to bring it back up:

  1. Login to the Back of the House (BoH) machine
  2. Go to the start button and then click on run or press the Windows Key and R
  3. Type in services.msc and hit enter
  4. Find the NCR Aloha Transaction Gateway Helper service and right click it to start it.  This will automatically start the NCR Aloha Transaction Gateway service as well. 

As soon as the system is syncing again, all past orders should (depending on version and duration) start syncing to PeopleVine.  In some versions, the member ID or rewards number is lost if the system hasn't synced in a day.  In this case, you will need to manually assign the order to the individual (using Change Person).  At that time, they will be issued their points.

If the orders aren't syncing automatically (this may be due to total volume, storage, etc.), you can still re-sync them from within PeopleVine by going to the Omnivore integration and click next to the location you'd like to sync and then set the dates you'd like to sync. This will the pull back any data into PeopleVine.  Please note the member ID may get lost when this happens.

Payments Aren't Syncing

If you are not seeing the "Please Wait", "Approved" or "Declined" message bars when clicking on the payment button, then you will need to have the PeopleVine/Omnivore integration re-installed on the terminal.  Simply complete the request at https://peoplevine.com/posdown and we'll get it scheduled.

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