PeopleVine Webhooks Sync Your Data in Real-Time with Any Other System (if you needed to)

With PeopleVine Webhooks, you can sync every touchpoint with your existing systems to keep your legacy platforms updated in real-time. This article will show you how to setup a webhook and dynamically populate the data into it.

The PeopleVine Webhook engine enables you to take data, as it's entered into the PeopleVine database, to automatically push that data to your legacy systems.  The webhook engine can submit this via a standard API endpoint with the following needs (any or all):

  • Request Method - either POST, PUT or DELETE
  • Endpoint with variables
  • Use Auth Credentials - when setting up a webhook to extend the capabilities of an existing integration, you can incldue an existing auth and reference the object with its data fields in HAPI brackets like {@access_token@}
  • Header Object - placed in the Authorization Header, you can include authentication fields
  • Body - auto-generate as JSON or comma separated when setting up or include your own body with HAPI variables
  • Content Type - change the content type to ensure your data posts correctly

Once your webhook is created, it will continue to sync PeopleVine data with yoru legacy systems.  You can view the log to troubleshoot and ensure your webhook is running properly. 

Setup A Webhook To Fire After Doing X

That X can be over 100 different activities within PeopleVine ranging from when someone completes a form to wen they become a member.  They are designed to ensure that your information can be synced with your legacy systems in real-time (not just near real-time, but real-time as typically you'll get the data before they see the next screen). 

To setup a webhook, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel
  2. Go to Automate > Setup New Webhook
  3. Select the activity in PeopleVine that your people must complete before this triggers
  4. Now setup the information so we know where to place the data, you can select any variables or see below for more complex scenarios

Once setup, PeopleVine will instantly push the data you need directly into your legacy system.

Push Form Data Through Webhooks

Imagine setting up a custom form and the data entered in that form can be submitted as part of your webhook.  This enables you to create custom input forms for your people while keeping your data in sync with your legacy systems.  To set this up, you need to first create your form and assign the questions.  Once the question is added, you will see an ID such as field_12345_67890 which represents that unique field on that form.

Now when setting up your webhook call, you can include this in either the body or the URL as such {@field_12345_67890@} as long as your trigger is a survey form related activity.

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