The Ultimate Guide to Importing Data into PeopleVine

You can easily import your data to PeopleVine by placing it in a CSV file and mapping the data to the appropriate fields in PeopleVine. Check out this guide for some samples and the overall data model.

  • Gift Card / House Credit Balances (sample csv)
    • Customer - Reference ID (customer_reference)
    • Customer - customer_no (customer_no)
    • Customer - E-mail (email)
    • Customer - Mobile Number (mobile_number)
    • Certificate Number (serial_number)
    • Initial Value (initial_value)
    • Current Value (current_value)
    • Status (active or inactive) (status)
    • Gift Card Pin (gift_card_pin)
    • Expires On (expires_on)
    • Created On / Issued On (created_on)
    • Gift Card Type (giftcard, rewardcert, promocert) (gift_card_type)
  • Vanity URLs for SEO (sample csv)
    • Domain Name* (domain_name)
    • URL Path* (e.g. /baseball) (domain_path)
    • URL* (route_url)
  • Customer CRM Data (sample csv)
    • Tag as Attribute (attribute)
    • Note (add as customer note) (note)
    • Customer Type (customer, dealer, employee, admin) (customer_type)
    • Email *Unique ID* (email)
    • Email Secondary (sets up new CRM record and links) (email2)
    • Full Name (full_name)
    • First Name (first_name)
    • Middle Name (middle_name)
    • Last Name (last_name)
    • Gender (M for Male, F for Female, T for Transgender or U for Unknown) (gender)
    • Company Name (company_name)
    • Company Title (company_title)
    • Mobile Number *Unique ID* (mobile_number)
    • Phone Number (phone_number)
    • Birthdate (birthdate)
    • Anniversary Date (anniversary_date)
    • Address (address)
    • Address 2 (address2)
    • Address 3 (address3)
    • City (city)
    • State (state)
    • Zip Code (zip_code)
    • Country (country)
    • Customer Reference (customer_reference)
    • Profile Photo (profile_photo)
    • Opt In Email (Y or N) (opt_in_email)
    • Opt In SMS (Y or N) (opt_in_sms)
    • Opt In Updates (Y or N) (opt_in_updates)
    • Facebook Handle (facebook_handle)
    • Instagram Handle (instagram_handle)
    • LinkedIn Handle (linkedin_handle)
    • Twitter Handle (twitter_handle)
    • Website (website)
    • Passbook Enabled (passbook_enabled)
    • Username (username)
    • Password (password)
    • Timezone (timezone)
    • Created On (created_on)
    • Modified On (modified_on)
    • Secondary Title (address_type)
    • Secondary Address (secondary_address)
    • Secondary Address 2 (secondary_address2)
    • Secondary Address 3 (secondary_address3)
    • Secondary City (secondary_city)
    • Secondary State (secondary_state)
    • Secondary Zip Code (secondary_zip_code)
    • Secondary Country (secondary_country)
    • Secondary Address Notes (secondary_address_notes)
    • Secondary Address Phone Number (secondary_address_phone_number)
  • Directory (sample csv)
    • Customer - Reference ID (customer_reference)
    • Customer - customer_no (customer_no)
    • Customer - E-mail (email)
    • Customer - Mobile Number (mobile_number)
    • about (about)
    • business_email (business_email)
    • business_id (business_id)
    • business_latitude (business_latitude)
    • business_longitude (business_longitude)
    • business_status (business_status)
    • category_no (category_no)
    • category_name (category_name)
    • company_logo (company_logo)
    • company_name* (company_name)
    • contact_name (contact_name)
    • country (country)
    • created_on (created_on)
    • fax_number (fax_number)
    • phone_number (phone_number)
    • slogan (slogan)
    • tollfree_number (tollfree_number)
    • website (website)
    • Social - Facebook (facebook)
    • Social - Twitter (twitter)
    • Social - Pinterest (pinterest)
    • Social - Instagram (instagram)
    • Social - LinkedIn (linkedin)
    • Social - Flickr (flickr)
    • Social - Vimeo (vimeo)
    • Review - Yelp (yelp)
    • Review - Trip Advisor (tripadvisor)
    • Review - Google Plus (googleplus)
    • Review - Houzz (houzz)
    • Location - address1 (address1)
    • Location - address2 (address2)
    • Location - address3 (address3)
    • Location - business_location_id (business_location_id)
    • Location - business_location_no (business_location_no)
    • Location - business_no (business_no)
    • Location - city (city)
    • Location - country (country)
    • Location - created_on (created_on)
    • Location - email (email)
    • Location - hours_sunday (hours_sunday)
    • Location - hours_monday (hours_monday)
    • Location - hours_tuesday (hours_tuesday)
    • Location - hours_wednesday (hours_wednesday)
    • Location - hours_thursday (hours_thursday)
    • Location - hours_friday (hours_friday)
    • Location - hours_saturday (hours_saturday)
    • Location - location_contacts (location_contacts)
    • Location - location_latitude (location_latitude)
    • Location - location_longitude (location_longitude)
    • Location - location_name (location_name)
    • Location - location_notes (location_notes)
    • Location - location_website (location_website)
    • Location - modified_on (modified_on)
    • Location - phone_number (phone_number)
    • Location - state (state)
    • Location - tollfree_number (tollfree_number)
    • Location - zip_code (zip_code)
    • Custom Attributes (custom_attribute_name)
  • Membership Data (sample csv)
    • Customer - Reference ID (customer_reference)
    • Customer - customer_no (customer_no)
    • Customer - E-mail (email)
    • Customer - Mobile Number (mobile_number)
    • Expiration Date (expiration_date)
    • Joined On (created_on)
    • Field 1 (field1_value)
    • Field 2 (field2_value)
    • Field 3 (field3_value)
    • Field 4 (field4_value)
    • Field 5 (field5_value)
    • Field 6 (field6_value)
    • Membership Card Graphic (url) (membership_card_graphic)
    • Membership ID (membership_id)
    • Membership SKU (membership_sku)
    • Membership Status (active, inactive, pending) (card_status)
    • Parent Membership Card (parent_membership_card_no)
    • Parent Member Email (parent_email)
    • Subscription Frequency (subscription_frequency)
    • Subscription Rate (subscription_rate)
    • Subscription Details (subscription_details)
    • Subscription Next Billing Date (next_date)
    • Subscription Last Billing Date (last_date)
  • Parent Membership (sample csv)
    • Parent Membership ID (parent_membership_id)
    • Child Membership ID (membership_id)
  • Inventory (sample csv)
    • Product ID (product_no) (product_no)
    • Product SKU (product_sku)
    • Available Inventory (set to this number) (inventory_set)
    • Adjusted Inventory (we will add/remove this number) (inventory_total)
    • Inventory Type (In Hand or On Order) (inventory_type)
    • Stock Date (stock_date)
    • Inventory Location ID (inventory_location_no)
    • Item Cost (inventory_cost)
    • Inventory Threshold - Set value to be notified when running low (inventory_threshold)
  • Order Data (sample csv)
    • Customer - Reference ID (customer_reference)
    • Customer - customer_no (customer_no)
    • Customer - E-mail (email)
    • Customer - Mobile Number (mobile_number)
    • Affiliate ID (affiliate_no)
    • Check if Gift (True or False) (gift_flag)
    • Created On (created_on)
    • Discount Total (discount_total)
    • External Order Number (external_order_no)
    • Flag Completed (Enter 1) (flag_completed)
    • Flag Completed Date (flag_completed_date)
    • Flag Followup (Enter 1) (flag_followup)
    • Flag Followup Date (flag_followup_date)
    • Flag Modified (Enter 1) (flag_modified)
    • Flag Modified Date (flag_modified_date)
    • Flag Paid (Enter 1) (flag_paid)
    • Flag Paid Date (flag_paid_date)
    • Flag Pulled (Enter 1) (flag_pulled)
    • Flag Pulled Date (flag_pulled_date)
    • Flag Returned (Enter 1) (flag_returned)
    • Flag Returned Date (flag_returned_date)
    • Flag Shipped (Enter 1) (flag_shipped)
    • Flag Shipped Date (flag_shipped_date)
    • Flag Verified (Enter 1) (flag_verified)
    • Flag Verified Date (flag_verified_date)
    • Gift Message (gift_message)
    • IP Address (ip_address)
    • Modified On (modified_on)
    • Order Data (order_data)
    • Order Date (order_date)
    • Order Notes (order_note)
    • Order Source (order_source)
    • Order Status (pending, processing, completed, cancelled) (order_status)
    • Order Total (order_total)
    • Order Type (purchase, points, quote) (order_type)
    • Order Via (order_via)
    • Purchase Order Number (purchase_order)
    • Session ID (sessionID)
    • Shipping Total (shipping_total)
    • Sub Total (sub_total)
    • Tax Total (tax_total)
    • Tip Total (tip_total)
    • Line Item (Sku|Quantity|Price|Notes,) (line_item)
    • Line Item (Product ID: #, Product Qty: #, Product Unit Price: #, Product Variation Details: ABC|) (line_item_bigc)
    • Shipping Address Notes (address_notes)
    • Shipping Address Type (shipping, service, pickup) (address_type)
    • Shipping Address 1 (address1)
    • Shipping Address 2 (address2)
    • Shipping Address 3 (address3)
    • Shipping City (city)
    • Shipping Company Name (company_name)
    • Shipping Country (country)
    • Shipping First Name (first_name)
    • Shipping Last Name (last_name)
    • Shipping Phone Number (phone_number)
    • Shipping State (state)
    • Shipping Zip Code (zip_code)
    • Shipping Courier (shipping_courier) 
    • Shipping Method (shipping_method)
    • Shipping Quantity (shipping_quantity)
    • Shipping Status (shipped) (shipping_status)
    • Tracking Number (tracking_number)
    • Matched (Y or N) (matched) (cmatched)
    • Payment Type (credit card, papercheck, comped, cash, credit, giftcard, voucher, paypal) (payment_type) (cpayment_type)
    • Purchase Order (purchase_order) (cpurchase_order)
    • Merchant Response (raw_response) (craw_response)
    • Refunded Amount (refunded_amount) (crefunded_amount)
    • Last 4 Digits of Card (t_card_four) (ct_card_four)
    • Credit Card Type (t_card_type) (ct_card_type)
    • Charge Amount (transaction_amount) (ctransaction_amount)
    • Transaction ID (transaction_id) (ctransaction_id)
  • Products (sample csv)
    • Product Title (Long) (product_long)
    • Product Short (Short) (product_short)
    • Product SKU (product_sku)
    • Product Unit (unit_type)
    • Product Type (physical, service, digital, bundle, add-on, external) (product_type)
    • Brand/Manufacturer (brand)
    • Category Name (category)
    • Retail Price (retail_price)
    • Sale Price (sale_price)
    • Add to Cart Price (cart_price)
    • Dealer Price (dealer_price)
    • MSRP Price (msrp_price)
    • Shipping Fee (shipping_fee)
    • Handling Fee (handling_fee)
    • Allow Backorders (Y or N) (flag_backorders)
    • Limited Availability (Y or N) (flag_limited)
    • On Demand (Y or N) (on_demand)
    • Lead Time (in days) (lead_time)
    • Inventory In Stock (in_stock)
    • Page Keyword (page_keyword)
    • SEO: Meta Title (meta_title)
    • SEO: Meta Description (meta_description)
    • SEO: Meta Keywords (meta_keywords)
    • Main Photo (photo_url)
    • Attach Photo (photo)
    • Parent Product (product_no) (product_above)
    • Parent Product (SKU) (product_above_sku)
    • Product Description (product_description)
    • Product Summary (product_brief)
    • Product Flag (featured, frontpage, discontinued, special order) (product_flag)
    • Proudct Weight in lbs. (product_weight)
    • Tax Rate (tax_rate)
    • Visibility (public or hidden) (visibility)
    • Product Link (product_link)
    • Dimensions - Width (dimensions_width)
    • Dimensions - Height (dimensions_height)
    • Dimensions - Depth (dimensions_depth)
    • External ID (external_id)
    • Custom Attribute (custom_attribute)
  • Loyalty Members (sample csv)
    • Customer - Reference ID (customer_reference)
    • Customer - customer_no (customer_no)
    • Customer - E-mail (email)
    • Customer - Mobile Number (mobile_number)
    • Activity Completed* (activity_title)
    • Points Earned (point_earned)
    • Status (approved, pending, denied, expired) (status)
    • Notes (internal) (notes)
    • Rewarded On (date) (rewarded_on)
    • Business Name (company_name)
    • Notes (viewable by member) (item_data)
    • Membership ID (membership_id)
    • Import ID (import_id)
  • Loyalty Redemptions (sample csv)
    • Customer - Reference ID (customer_reference)
    • Customer - customer_no (customer_no)
    • Customer - E-mail (email)
    • Customer - Mobile Number (mobile_number)
    • Points Spent (point_spent)
    • Redeemed For (redeemed_for)
    • Redemption ID (redemption_id)
    • Membership ID (membership_id)
    • Import ID (import_id)
    • Redeemed On (created_on)
  • Events (sample csv)
    • Event Title (event_title)
    • Full Description (event_description)
    • Brief Summary (event_summary)
    • Start Date (event_date)
    • End Date (event_date_end)
    • Location (Full Address) (event_location)
    • Venue (event_venue)
    • Event Type (public, register, standard, ticket, external) (event_type)
    • Display To (members, public, customers, private) (event_display)
    • Timezone ID (event_timezone_id)
    • Graphic (event_graphic)
    • Keyword for URL (event_keyword)
    • Status (approved, pending, denied) (event_status)
    • Event ID (for repeating events) (event_id)
    • Social Sharing (Short) (share_short)
    • Social Sharing (Long) (share_long)
    • External Link (set event_type = external) (external_link)
    • Event #tag for Social (event_hashtag)
    • Facebook Event URL (facebook_link)
    • SEO Meta Keywords (meta_keywords)
    • SEO Meta Description (meta_description)
    • Allow Cancellation (Y or N) (allow_cancel)
    • Cancel Cutoff Time in Minutes (cancel_cutoff)
    • Allow Transfer Tickets to Other Person (Y or N) (allow_transfer)
    • Event Settings (free JSON field) (event_settings)
    • Event Latitude (event_latitude)
    • Event Longitude (event_longitude)
  • Event Attendees (must use link on event menu) (sample csv)
    • Customer - Reference ID (customer_reference)
    • Customer - customer_no (customer_no)
    • Customer - E-mail (email)
    • Customer - Mobile Number (mobile_number)
    • Serial Number (for Validation) (ticket_serial)
    • Purchase Date (purchase_date)
    • Ticket Price (ticket_price)
    • Scanned On (if scanned) (scan_date)
    • Notes (ticket_notes)

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