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In order for us to better serve our current partners and potential future clients, we are always looking for ways to update our platform to optimize its efficiency and efficacy. We find ways to improve our platform through research of trends in the industry.  The education we receive by reading articles such as the QSR Article titled: “Integrations: A Restaurant’s Recipe for Success in 2019”, we are given insights on how to optimize our platform. 

“Many of the current tech introductions exist in a vacuum; they remain siloed, complicating the restaurant operation instead of providing the original operator purchase intents of increased customer satisfaction, improved efficiencies, and boosting sales.” “Throughout 2019, restaurants operators will reach a point, if they haven’t already, where they want all their technology investments connected and seamlessly able to communicate to one another.” 

PeopleVine’s platform resolves this issue perfectly. Our platform sits in the middle of reservation and POS systems, acting as the central data collection point, while also providing marketing, loyalty and membership tools that leverage the data from both systems to elevate guest experiences. Through our partnerships with Sevenroom and NCR, we are able to go beyond traditional loyalty programs to provide both guest and restaurant with great experiences.

We also know that the restaurant operators and managers want data points pushed to and from their different implemented tools. What they don’t want is a limited return on their technology investments that cannot be integrated. “Today’s restaurant solutions must be operator-centric, customer-facing and have flawless compatibility with other restaurant operational components.”

The PeopleVine platform delivers the ultimate solution to these needs and desires. It serves as an accurate, real-time and historical data reporting. Point-of-Sale data flows into member/customer profiles leading to insights that can be leveraged for personalized engagements. These restaurant operators and managers are able to do this without needing to re enter data into several different systems. In turn, this will eliminate errors in the reporting through the proper integrations. Through our effective platform, operators can tie that operational data back to specific customer visits and pinpoint exact choke holds or operational inefficiencies.

One of the biggest benefits of PeopleVine is our flexible APIs and our integrations to third party systems, because both provide technology investment protection. “When restaurant managers and operators demand software tools that can integrate with others they use, they are less likely to be influenced by a fast-talking technology salesperson peddling their “revolutionary” standalone tool that provides little return on investment. Sustainability is the goal, not quick obsolescence.” 

PeopleVine’s platform does exactly that: protects technology investment. Our APIs provide flexibility, while we are constantly adding to our integration ecosystem. Our platform is malleable and can function uniquely, depending on what the clients wants and needs. 

Interested in learning more about how PeopleVine can help your business and provide a thorough return on investment? Contact us today!

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PeopleVine Integrates

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