Meet the Team: Chris Lindsey on What an "Elevated Member Experience" Means

A phrase that comes up often when describing PeopleVine is “Elevated Member Experience”. What does that mean to you and how does PeopleVine and the platform fulfill this idea?

We really use it like elevate the member experience or elevate the customer experience, depending on the vernacular of the vertical that we're talking to. What it means is having all of the data and touch points in the interactions between the business and their audience or their customers or their members in one place.

It allows you to understand those audiences at a deeper level in order to provide an elevated experience, either because you just know more about them or you're seeing what they're doing on a day-to-day basis. This will allow our clients to provide value in situations that are contextual and that are informed by what the data is showing on the backend. 

I think an elevated experience is really facilitated by understanding and knowing your audience at a deeper level by using technological tools that are showing you this data and giving you these insights. it's just like building any relationship between two people: the more you know about that individual, the deeper that relationship can become and develops into an “elevated. relationship” because of the deep understanding and the history that you have with that individual that you're able to provide value to them in a way that you couldn't if you didn't know them as well or if  your data was siloed.

That's what we're going for when we say that.

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