Understand How Subscriptions are Processed and How to Put on Hold

In this article, we'll share with you the various statuses available for subscriptions and how to leverage them to put people on hold and/or control their access.

Subscriptions are a key part to ensuring only paid members/users are accessing both your digital and physical space.  Once a subscription is setup for a membership program, the subscription engine will cotninue to charge that person on the selected recurring basis as long as they're active or pending and the next billing date is in the future.  If their billing fails, they will immediately lose access to both your phsyical and digital spaces that are connected to PeopleVine.  As well, on their next login to your portal, they will be prompted to make a payment to re-activate their subscription (while being blocked from all member only content - when tied to a membership program). 

Subscriptions can be classified under a few different statuses:

  • Active subscriptions will be charged automatically on the next billing date.  When tied to a membership program, that member will gain access to your portal.  When tied to a product, an order will automtically be plaed when the subscription is successfully processed. 

  • Completed All Payments means they have fulfilled their obligation in making all payments and their billing is complete.  This will get flagged automatically when setting up a service where the Payment Tracker is enabled on the service.  There is no further charges on this subscription.
  • Pending Payment is best utilized to keep the person inactive until the next billing date.  On the next billing date, their payment will be charged and their subscription activated (upon successful payment).  When associated with a membership, their access will be blocked until their payment is processed. 
  • Failed Payment is set automatically by the platform when their recurring billing fails.  This will deactivate their membership and stop future processing on the subscription until a manual payment is processed (either by the customer/member or your staff).

  • Suspended is set manually to stop all future payments on this subscription.
  • Expired is set manually to stop all future payments on this subscription.
  • Cancelled is set manually to signify that someone cancelled their subscription.  No furtther payments will be made.
  • Archived is used to hide the subscription from the customer and from backend reporting, unless you specifically fitler by archived or export all data.

*Please note that ONLY active and pending subscriptoins with a next billing date in the future, will be processed through recurring billing.

Subscriptions will automatically re-activate when a person pays with either credit card, ACH or invoice.  If invoiced, the system will keep them active and send an invoice to them for payment.  Please note that invoiced subscriptions will not auto cancel if a payment is never made.  To simplify billing, we recommend setting to auto-payments like credit cards and ACH.

When cancelling a subscription, you will be prompted to add a Requested Cancellation Date.  If left blank, they will immediately be cancelled.  If you enter a future date, their subscription willl automatically cancel on that date.

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