Integrating and Configuring your Aireus POS with PeopleVine

This step-by-step guide will show you how to utilize the Aireus POS integration with PeopleVine and configure the initial pieces.

If you've decided to work with Aireus, you will need to inform your sales team that you are also working with PeopleVine.  They will also need to know which payment methods you want to enable: Payment on File, House Balance or House Account.  These payments can then be processed at the POS.

You will also need to provide Aireus with API credentials and an API application key so they can access your environment.

Lastly, make sure after the first order is populated in PeopleVine, you will see it flagged with source: Aireus, that you set the customer reference to default.  This will make sure that all future orders will flow into this account (if no CRM record is provided).

Looking Up Members and Charging them at the POS

Now that the integration is in place, follow these steps to start using their PeopleVine payment on file.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select the table and enter the total guests.  Please note that only one member can pay per ticket.  You can split the ticket to accomodate multiple payments.
  3. Add the items to their order
  4. Then click on Edit and click on Loyalty Card

  5. Click Customer View or Lookup Customer
  6. Enter the customers name, number or email address to look them up
  7. Then select the member from the list

  8. You will then see the person on the order.

  9. Now when taking payment, you can utilize one of the PeopleVine payment methods.  Please note that even if you don't use a PeopleVine payment method, you should add the customer to the ticket. This helps you identify top spenders at your space.

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