Platform Updates 1st Half September 2020

We thought we'd share some of our notes on what was released so far in September.

Please note, these are raw developer notes.

  • Portal - Account - Commerce - updated the link to checkout and pay for an order
  • Portal - Checkout - disabled member discounts from being applied to an order
  • Portal - Commerce - hide the coupon code and affiliate when paying for connectedpos order
  • Portal - Commerce - check syndicate payment when coming from pay for order screen
  • Control - Campaign - minor update to UI when sorting campaign queue
  • Control - Event - added ability to set expiration time of tickets
  • Control - Affiliates - fixed issue with viewing all affiliates within a program
  • Control - Newsletters - minor update to UI
  • Control - Webhooks - minor update to UI for auths
  • Control - Scheduler - fixed issue with deleting a scheduler
  • API - HAPI - added support for 9/22/2020 8:38:43 AM and 9/20/2020 8:38:43 AM
  • API - HAPI - Events - minor update to filter status by "all" to show all
  • Portal - Business Tools - updated dashboard for managing events
  • Portal - Business Tools - Events - updates to UI/UX
  • API - Events - include profile photo when returning tickets purchased
  • Portal - Content - fixed minor error in query string
  • Control - CRM - updated the campaign queue to display campaign and item receiving
  • Portal - Scheduler - if checking out for a dining reservation and/or there's no cost, we do not prompt for affiliate
  • API - Integration - Toast - minor updates to handle flows
  • API - Commerce - fixed issue with releasing points if the order is cancelled or changed
  • Control - Commerce - always show the requested delivery date/time
  • API - Transaction - updated void transaction to filter by transaction_id
  • Control - Content - added link to page layout from page menu
  • API - Membership - fixed issue when loading service although isloyalty card
  • Portal - Content - better handling for capture modal
  • API - Integration - Toast - removed used coupon if removed from order in Toast
  • API - Transaction - if a payment comes in voided, we try to void the original
  • API - Loyalty - updated returnPointsEarned to filter reftype/no on the point earned
  • API - Integration - Toast - finished to ensure LOYALTY_REVERSE removes points
  • Control - Commerce - minor update to UI
  • API - Integration - Toast - store the orderGuid in purchase order
  • API - Commerce - when an order comes through from the connectedPOS, we won't change the order_date
  • Control - Commerce fixed issue with assigning the table vs. name for checkout
  • API - Commerce - fixed issue where tax amount was based on shipping address for F&B
  • Portal - Checkout - fixed issue on shipping for F&B if no address on account
  • Control - Forms - minor update to show color coding on viewing status
  • Control - CRM - minor update to UI to show color coding on viewing status of form
  • Control - Transaction - disable the ability to auto refund a POS payment and explain it must be at POS
  • Control - Transaction - add a message that a refund over 90 days may not process
  • API - Content - when checking if keyword exists we ignore archived pages
  • Portal - Account - added support for /account/logout (user)
  • Portal - Membership - minor update to the UI
  • Portal - Events - when checking out for a free ticket it will say "registering" not purchasing
  • API - Transactions - minor cleanup to handle new auth net wrapper
  • Portal - Events - when using /tickets we will show the event name at the top
  • API - Commerce - updated the cart total and weight total to use orCustomer for consistency
  • Portal - Membership - minor update to UI for selecting a membership, fixing an issue with inconsistent links
  • Portal - Membership - minor update to ui/ux
  • Portal - Subscription - minor updates to UI and page title
  • API - Membership - when returning the membership card we include the barcode format and auto renew flag
  • Portal - Account - Membership - we display the barcode on the "all" view
  • Portal - Account - Membership - we updated language based on auto-renew or not
  • Database - Gift Cards - added support for reference_type/no
  • API - Gift Cards - added support or reference_type/no
  • API - Integration - Authorize.Net - added v2 as payment provider option
  • Control - Transactions - added new payment processor v2
  • Control - Transaction - minor update to UI
  • Portal - General - disabled support for twitter cards
  • Control - Gift Cards - added the ability to assign a gift card to only be valid for specific ref/type
  • API - Gift Cards - control which gift cards are visible at checkout based on reftype/no
  • Portal - Gift Cards - pass in reftype/no to get the available gift cards
  • Control - Vouchers - when adding a voucher you can set valid for to category
  • Portal - Vouchers - when validating a voucher we can pull back by category
  • API - Integration - Toast - minor updates to authenticate the user
  • Portal - Account - Membership - fixed issue with validate request on form on membership view page
  • Control - Integration - Toast - added support for multiple Toast clients
  • API - HAPI - added support for using HAPI tags in the page title (generic ones)
  • Portal - Content - added support for generic HAPI tags in the title
  • API - Integration - Toast - continued development on integrating with Toast as a payment processor

Additional Help Tutorials

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Platform Updates 1st Half September 2020

We thought we'd share some of our notes on what was released so far in September.

Posted September 12, 2020

You Can Set What Gift Certificates are Valid For

When issuing a gift certificate to a person, you have the ability to select what the gift card is valid for. This allows you to issue a gift certificate to utilize for a series of events or a specific appointment type. When purchasing something else, this gift certificate will not be available for use.

Posted September 12, 2020

Answer a Survey/Form From Your External Website via our API

By leveraging our API, you can customize the front-end of your experience and capture data on your external website.

Posted September 10, 2020

Setup a Certificate of Completion, Diploma or Other Important Documents for Your Members After Achieving a Goal

With our image generator + text you have the ability to overlay messages over your existing graphics.

Posted September 9, 2020

Set the Time Tickets Go On Sale and Off Sale, Not Just the Date

You now have the ability to set the time that tickets should go on sale and off sale.

Posted September 4, 2020

Setup an Event and Enable an External Party to Manage the Event

You can enable your partners access to event details without giving them access to the whole platform.

Posted September 4, 2020

Use SAML based SSO Login for Your Website or App

You can leverage our /login/sso to get started with signing into your member portal with one-click SSO.

Posted September 1, 2020

Gain More Control Over Automating Membership Activities with New Triggers

We added several new triggers enabling you to setup automated activities after certain activities happen.

Posted August 28, 2020

As We Close Out Month 8 of 2020 - Here Are Some Noticeable Updates

We added a few updates the last week of August, here are a few to highlight.

Posted August 28, 2020

Members Can See Open Orders to Pay and Close

Members can now see open orders in their order history to make it a two-click pay and close the check experience.

Posted August 28, 2020

Create Multiple Unique Branded Experiences with One CRM/Backend

You can setup content pages to only display on certain domain names when overriding our out of the box pages.

Posted August 27, 2020

Aloha - See How You Can Split Checks to Allow Multiple Member Payments

Check out this video to see how you can split a check and/or setup separate checks to allow multiple members to pay to their house account using Aloha.

Posted August 26, 2020

Setup a Delivery Window to Hand Delivery Orders to your People

You can setup a custom delivery scheduler where you can control the available slots and staff handling the deliveries.

Posted August 18, 2020

Sell Products that Are Visible to Member's Only

You can setup a product catalog to display only to active members of specific groups.

Posted August 18, 2020

Setup Your eCommerce Product Catalog from a Spreadsheet

Are you ready to launch e-commerce to allow your members to purchase your food, beverages or merch? Check out this tutorial to get started with a simple excel spreadsheet.

Posted August 14, 2020

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