Sync People and Tags with Sevenrooms

We setup some standard tags to ensure your member data can sync properly into Sevenrooms.

When setting up tags within Sevenrooms, please add the following tag:

  • Member Discount along with the values ##% Off (e.g. 15% Off) to ensure our system can match to their profile (if you've setup a member disocunt under the membership programs' perks).

We also support these out of the box tags with Sevenrooms, if you have them enabled:

  • Dietary Restrictions
  • VIP client type
  • Seating Preference
  • Profession
  • Special Attention

Under the VIP Client Type tag in Sevenrooms, add a new one called Member and we will automatically tag them with this.

You will also need to setup complimentary attributes in PeopleVine in order to ensure these values transfer to Sevenrooms.  If the "group:value" is not in Sevenrooms, then it will not sync.

Once these are setup, you will notice that new members will have these tags automatically added to their account.

If you need to sync your members, you can do so by:

  1. Going to their CRM profile and clicking on the Sync link next to the Sevenrooms attribute

  2. Going to the integrated platforms under the company settings, click on Sevenrooms and then scroll to the option Sync Members

We recommend you setting up a form for Account Preferences and CRM Profile that includes these tags.  Make sure the Group label matches the label above in order for it to sync properly to Sevenrooms.

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Sync People and Tags with Sevenrooms

We setup some standard tags to ensure your member data can sync properly into Sevenrooms.

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